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Lily Boukouvala, born in Greece in 1981, is a professional photographer with a degree in photography and electronic graphics in Athens. She currently lives and works in Paris.

She was distinguished and took part in group photography exhibitions such as:

– Blank Wall Gallery in Athens in 2018, 2019, 2020.

– Light Space Time Online art gallery in California in 2020.

– Chania International Photo Festival 2019, 2021, 2022.

– 1st Black and White Athens Photography 2023.

  Her first solo exhibition ”L’atelier de la nature” takes place in Paris in 2022, at the Maison de la Grèce. In March 2023 she presents the exhibition “Monemvasia – Mont Saint Michel” in Paris at the Galerie Grand Monde in Place de la Bastille and in April it continues at the Twin Ottoman Baths, B. Tsitsanis Museum in Trikala.

As an observer of nature, she firmly believes that contact with it is aimed at a powerful process that serves the development and consciousness of the human soul.

The landscapes she photographs contain an intense richness of elements that excites the instinct of exploration of Lovers of the Mystery of Nature and even of the most demanding who seek the experience and immediate enjoyment of its grandeur.

It is precisely an artistic pursuit that pushes us to live, see, and feel the dimensions of reality that may well be beyond us.

The very drama of the plot of the phenomena of Nature offers an aesthetic pleasure to the one who can perceive it and observe it carefully. But even more, the possibility of internalizing this drama and the coordination of the observer’s experience with the living pulse of the surrounding landscape offers a powerful emotion that can be expressed, captured, and left traces. The practice of photography can exist, and be exercised, through such an experience. To make an attempt to condense the symbolic language of Nature.

The traces of such an attempt at imprinting have an unlimited variety of aesthetic results just as infinite and limitless is the type of experiences that support it.

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